Novated Lease
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Over the recent years, a novated lease has become very popular form of automobile financing. The word “Novate” usually refers to “substitute a person or thing” between two parties. A novated lease is a type of automobile lease allowing a business to lease a motor car on behalf of an employee, with the liability for the lease lying with the employee and the lease payments are paid from the employee's pre-tax income. Novated Leases are commonly practiced in Australia though USA has a well established market for novating leases. Also used in UK, the term “Novated lease” refers to a car lease which has been transferred or novated among two parties.

Terms tied to Novated lease: The most common terms used in novated lease are -
      • “GST credit” means the Goods and Services Tax (GST) term input tax credits.
      • “Purchases” means the Goods and Services Tax (GST) term acquisitions
      • “Sales” means the Goods and Services Tax (GST) term supplies
      • “Payment” means the Goods and Services Tax (GST) term consideration.
Novated leases in Australia: In Australia, it is a three way agreement between the lease company, an employer and his employee. Under a novated lease arrangement, the employer takes over the lessee’s obligation to meet the repayments under the finance lease. When a termination of lease or the employee decides to cease employment with the company, a clause in the deed of novation automatically shifts the lease obligations back to the lessee. Afterwards, this permits the employee to engage into a new novated lease arrangement with another employer.

Novated leases in UK: In the UK, a novated lease refers to an automobile lease that has been transferred to a 3rd party with the consent of the lessor, the initial lessee and also the prospective leaseholder. The transfer of liability for the lease, between 2 legal entities, is generally lined by tripartite contract.

Types of Novated lease: Mainly there are 2 types of novation arrangement:
      • A full or split full novation
      • A partial novation.

How to Lease A Car
Leasing a new car is just like renting an office. This is beneficial if you want to own a car that is out of your budget and have limited mileage driving. To lease a car you have to make down payment of near about 20% of the car cost and then regular monthly payments. Eventually, the benefit is that you can drive a new car without putting in lot of cash and once lease expires you can have a new car.

Leasing has its own drawbacks as well. You need to keep the interior and exterior of the car well-maintained. Most of companies will take steep penalties in case you fail to do so. The penalty can also be charged if you exceed the miles as per signed in contract. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when you are signing the final contract with the company. Leasing a car sounds an easier job than buying a new car, but if you are not alert and haven't done proper research about the company they may dupe you. Below there are given some steps which you should follow while leasing a new car:

Leasing A Car With No Credit Check
Leasing A Car Without Credit Check
Having a poor credit score, probably making you to consider for a leased car as the reduced expenses a lease offers.

Now the question is do your Credits get checked when you lease a car?

Certainly they will go through your credit record. An excellent credit ranking is required to be eligible for a lease.

People with a bad credit due to bankruptcy, a court verdict against them, missed installments on debt or simply being on the verge of financial high risk may find it hard to acquire rental on an automobile as well as obtaining a loan for a car or Van.

Consumers with bad credit ranking, often searching for a suitable loan for them are referred as sub prime borrowers. After facing numerous problems with sub prime loans, the leasing industry recently started to become stricter in signing new contract agreements. Now they strongly require a credit check and guaranteed financing.

Canceling a car lease refers to  the termination of the rental agreement before the pre-determined leasing period is over. It is quite a hassle and challenging process, voiding your deal before the end of the rental phrase. It is because of this that many dealers do not offer for lease transfers. 
Early cancellation of contract terms is not that easy. The amount monthly paid is measured on the change between the company's recommended retail price (MSRP) and the approximated extra price at the end of that time span. It is this difference that is spread over the entire period. When a lessee gives back the car earlier, it has not yet decreased to the  amount that was approximated. This is an obvious loss to the lessee, but a car depreciates much more in the first season and is therefore a bigger loss to the dealer. A pre-mature deal termination not only makes the lessee to to pay all the due payments till the end  also they often incur heavy pre - penalty charges. Charges may vary depending upon the make of the  car from $200 to $400.So the one of major concerns is avoiding costly penalties.  

The simplest way to get rid of a car lease early  is to get it relocated to another willing person to lease it. This is known as rental  assumption. An individual seeking to stop the lease may publish advertising on the Internet or in shops. The original  lessee is contacted, if someone decides that  they want the automobile. Once all the conditions are told to the new lessee, the renting organization may start the process for transferring the lease. The new lessee then have to pay the same monthly amount as the  original lessee used to pay. The name of the original lessee will be eliminated from all obligations and will be changed by the new lessee. Some renting  companies do require the original lessee to be the safety net, if the new lessee isn't able to keep up monthly bills. 

Sometimes a voluntary return can save the day for you. A  voluntary return is when you are turning in the car to the dealership. You won't be held responsible for paying for the car as you are not keeping the car. All you have to pay is  the price difference between what the leasing company can sell the automobile for and what the payoff amount was at the time of your returning. Yet another option can be considered if your car has a "positive equity" The concept is to trade in your car and then lease or finance the purchase of a new car. Here "positive equity" means that your car having higher value than the payoff amount. In this circumstances you can easily trade in your old car and claim a lease deal with reduced monthly payments. One of the least practiced method is selling a leased vehicle. Ofcourse you can sell your leased car and there are companies specializing in purchasing leased vehicles. This option not only satisfy the lease contract also let the buyer to walk away with no money out of pocket.
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Though there are a number of benefits connected with leasing a car, there are also some critical points to keep in mind before signing one's name on the speckled line of a lease contract. A few basics of the technical verbiage the owners of the car may spew out at lessees may be so confusing that the customer walks away without a car or gets more than he or she negotiated for. In times, it is critical that the person entering the lease understands the most critical points of a car lease and what each specific section means.

Leasing a car with bad credit score
Leasing A Car With Bad Credit Score
A bad credit score or low FICO score outcome because of few things:
  • Having more money to spend than your income.
  • Having an inconsistent and irregular income.
  • Having a bad record with a bank loan.
These are the key reasons.

Leasing a car versus buying a car
Leasing a Car versus Buying a Car, a personal decision that they have to think it all again; for them not to regret on what they choose. Car leasing is like renting an apartment; they have to pay their monthly bills to use it but definitely do not own it. The rented vehicle is still the lessor’s property, the company who give out the lease. Just like an apartment rental contract, car leasing has also its fixed period – usually two to three years. The renter is required to make his monthly fees as the length of the contract. If they want to get out of renting, there will usually some extra fees, like having early termination pay, which is usually required based on the car leasing contract they sign.
Leasing A Car versus Buying A Car, they should know the factors between them; including how much money they have (is it enough to buy a car or enough for the monthly bills), how far they want to spend and use on the car (for leasing), and many more things that the person should have to consider. The advantage of leasing a car is its flexibility. The leaser is not making a long-term deal, it is for a short period (2-3 years), while the average new car loan is five years or more. 

Win in Leasing A Car
Leasing a car is like renting a new car each 2 to 3 years. It is a great choice for latest model auto supporters. As if you buy a car you might find it hard to buy the latest one after 2 to 3 years until you sell the existing one. If you lease a car then your deal with the car will automatically be finished after 2 to 3 years and the option to get a new clam latest model car will be open to you.

There are a lot of tricks which are applied from the lease dealers to lease a car. So when you have fixed up in mind you are going to lease a car, never make so hurry. Here I’m discussing with some tips those will make you winner in leasing a car deal.

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Basics of Leasing A Car
Are you looking for business or personal car leasing schemes, you will find them as an  way of getting a brand new vehicle on the highway in the UK.
If you are going to get into a car lease then you should obviously have some important knowledge about car leasing.
Also you should know about the essentials (required papers) for leasing a car. Follow this link : Essentials for Leasing A Car.

In this article I’ll try to cover the basics on leasing a car. Those you should know before getting into a car lease attempt.

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Leasing A Car versus Buying A Car
If you are thinking of getting a new car, you might be thinking would you buy a car or lease? You will find lots of debates out there about “Leasing A Car” Vs. “Buying A Car”

I wish to point out the exact facts based on which you should decide would you lease it or buy it!

Both leasing and buying has its positive and also negative features. It really depends on your financial condition, how much you will drive, how long you would like to have the car and what kind of a driver you are?